SEO CANblu immobilizer possibilities

SEO CANblu immobilizer possibilities


The SEO CANblu is a digital immobilizer that protects a vehicle through disabling its mobility by sending the appropriate commands to the cars ECU and/or BCM controllers. The code blocking can be done by two CAN BUSes and two other 1-wire digital buses (see the appropriate installation diagrams). It’s also possible to break an electric circuit using an analog cut with a solid-state control output (1A load). As with the basic immobilizer, the SEO CANi, the CANblu is disarmed by entering a previously set code using the existing buttons in the car (PIN code). In addition to this the SEO CANblu also includes a transceiver channel, the immobilizer is disarmed when the ID transmitter or smartphone stays within its range. 

The CANblu immobilizer can be connected to an external car alarm system as an additional layer of security. It can also provide extra security in cars with keyless entry and effectively protects the car from theft on a suitcase (where the thief copies the car original remote). If the device is connected to an external system, such as a GPS/GSM tracker, remote immobilization from this device will take priority over the PIN code immobilization from the CANblu. Unlike other car security systems the CANblu can be installed on electric cars, and can be used in car sharing.

The CANblu immobilizer can be disarmed either by the ID transmitter, a smartphone or PIN code. When the immobilizer is armed, there are few possible ways of protecting the vehicle from theft (depending on the car model, engine type, and fittings):

  • Preventing the engine from starting,
  • Engine shutdown – it’s possible to start the engine, but it stops when the thief attempts to drive the vehicle away:
    • For vehicles with automatic transmission, the engine stops when the gear stick is moved from the P position,
    • For vehicles with manual transmission, the engine stops when the clutch pedal is pressed,
  • Preventing the vehicle from moving – the SEO CANblu immobilizer allows you to start the engine, but you are not able to drive away. The engine is not shot down,
  • Preventing the ignition from being switched on – the SEO CANblu immobilizer does not allow you to switch on the ignition.

Switch on the service mode when taking your car to be services, so the mechanic’s doesn’t know your PIN code.